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Simons silly page

Simon's Page

You must be pretty bored if you've clicked on here, but here's my page with all my rants and bollocks, and a few pics here and there.   You might find the occasional 'TOP 5' or 'TOP 10' of everything too...

I'm a big fan of the classic punk band THE DAMNED. Here's a pic of me with Captain Sensible.  A great and highly underrated guitar player and songwriter.

I'm also very partial to other punk stuff, US hardcore punk, and 80's gothic rock. 

Here's a pic of the missus too.  She's the one on the left

I've got two daughters, Alice and Kristina, aged 6 and 4.


This is my Bambi...



Im currently play guitar in a band called MOE'S ANVIL. We're playing loads of gigs throughout the summer of 2008 all around Lincolnshire.













Some pics from the ORSAM Spectrum show in Norwich a few years ago..

LEFT:  Cronosoft/Retrogamez stand

RIGHT:  Me pictured with Shaun Bebbers...




Picture with Monty Oxymoron (The Damned)




One of the Oliver twins at RETRO BALL, Kenilworth



Richard Joseph and Jon Hare (Sensible Software)












Sintech - what real users need.



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