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Who we are...    The Contributors!


Simon Ullyatt                  Mr. Cronosoft

Graham Richards                Chief artwork dude

Nicholas Campbell              CPC duplication & distribution

Jonathan Cauldwell             Spectrum Programmer

Bob Smith                      Spectrum Programmer

Jason Davis                    CPC Programmer

Kev Thacker                    CPC/C64 Programmer

T.M.R.                         C64/Vic Programmer

Richard Bayliss                C64 Programmer

The Shaw Brothers              Spectrum Programmer

Christopher Dewhurst           Acorn Programmer

Matt Simmonds                  Vic Programmer

Russell Marks                  Spectrum Programmer

Ian Munro                      Spectrum/CPC Programmer

James McKay                    Dragon/Tandy Programmer

Tommy Pereira                  Artwork

Lee Piper                      Artwork


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