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Cronosoft is one of the last remaining software houses dedicated to releasing brand new software on cassette and disk for computers that are no longer commercially supported.

We currently have a large catalogue of games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Commodore Vic 20, Commodore 16 and others.


NEWS:  24th  August 2008


Greetings.   I'd like to you know that the new AMSTRAD CPC releases, BALLOONACY and STAR SABRE that I announced a few weeks ago are now available.  As ever, Paypal doesn't differentiate between cassette and emulator image buyers, just assumes that you're buying the tape.  If you're just looking for JUST the emulator versions, please email me, and we'll sort something out, as prices are just over half what the tape versions are, of course with no postage to add (but then you're missing out on a tape and nice colour inlay!).   Not everyone knows, but anyone buying the tape version is automatically entitled to the emulator version free of charge.


By the way - thanks to NICH CAMPBELL who's kindly mastered all of the CPC Cronosoft back catalog of games to CD, now I can get good reliable recordings of CPC games myself, without having to send tapes backwards and forwards through the mail.  Should speed up the process a lot.  


I was just thinking... do CPC owners refer to Alan Sugar as 'Uncle Alan' (in the same way Speccy owners refer to 'Uncle Clive'?  


Talking of speeding up tape processing - I do apologise for the delays in processing some Spectrum orders - especially multiple ones.  This is one of the trickiest of duplicating jobs, as it's done with a PC Speccy emulator linked to real Spectrum 128+, so I've got a loads of wires and screens and computers all over the dining room table (which the missus ain't to pleased about).  It takes quite a bit of setting up, so it normally takes me a week or so to get orders of Speccy games fulfilled.  To be honest she's putting up with quite a lot at the moment, what with the PC and Speccy in the dining room (with 2 screens, inkjet and laser printers, various EBAY bits, and a full size Jamma cabinet, plus 3 Marshall cabs, 2x 15" PA speakers, etc. for the band I'm in), plus a Dragon 32, CPC, Vic 20, Commodore 64, Aquarius and TI-99/4a, each with TVs set up in the bedroom (well...gotta get some entertainment in there!!), and XBOX, PS2, Gamecube and Colecovision set up in the lounge on the big telly.   I think I'm pushing my luck a bit.


Anyway - I'm going on holiday in a few weeks - going off to the Netherlands for a week (no... I'm not going for the prostitutes or drugs).  I've booked the holiday, though it's looking increasingly doubtful I can afford the blimmin' diesel if it keeps getting so expensive, as I've gotta drive there via Calais.  I can't believe Americans are complaining about the cost of fuel when they're only paying $4 a gallon...  doh!  Anyway ... enough moaning...  talk later.




NEWS:    July 2008


Super news here at Cronosoft towers.  New VIC 20 whizzkid STEVE McCREA has created a brand spanking new game BLUE STAR - a multi-screen machine code space romp, crammed into a humble unexpanded Vic 20.  Also comes with cool retro cover artwork - check it out!  Cronosoft has pleasure in releasing this game as of now - it's on the releases/shop page at a tiny price of just £1.99


Also, the superb CPC games BALLOONACY and STAR SABRE are just about ready to roll.  I've received the master copies, and am just checking out the duplication to make sure the first batch load OK!  Many thanks to NICH CAMPBELL for all of his invaluable help in getting these ready for me.


So...  time for a bit of a ramble...     Currently taking up my time is my new band 'MOE'S ANVIL' which was formed earlier in the year.   We're a covers band, playing loads of indie, rock & light punk stuff.    We did our first few gigs a couple of months ago, and now we're booked up nearly every week, some even booked as far in advance as Xmas 2009.    According to various unconfirmed sources, we apparently got together in Leverton Layby picnic area toilets, hence lots of band references to perverted passtimes on the Facebook site, though it is in fact the drummer, Damian who is a bit strange, and frequents public lavs.  I would like to make it clear that I am NOT a friend of Graham Norton, despite some badly photoshopped artwork to the contrary..  You can see more on my silly page



NEWS:     April 2008


SEUD is now available, as well as cassette versions of FARMER JACK & THE HEDGE MONKEYS and EGGHEAD ROUND THE MED.  I've also updated the FREEBIES and DEVELOPMENT TOOLS sections...

Have fun!         I'm off to sunny France this coming weekend, for 8 days, but will clear up any outstanding orders made during this time as soon as I get back.

NEWS:     October 2007

As some of you already know, I've recently moved house, from being in a small village in Lincolnshire, to living in a bigger but fairly remote house in the middle of nowhere in Lincolnshire (where all the people around are farmers, have one eye in the middle of their foreheads, and are perculiarly related to one another in some way.

This has caused a few problems, in that the Cronosoft website hosting went down at exactly the same time as the house move, and as being in the new house for a couple of months, I've still not got broadband (though if you're reading this, it's probably just been sorted and uploaded).

It appears that because we live down a windy dead end road with just 5 houses down it, that BT didn't bother upgrading the old phone lines that existed - just shared the working line with the other houses, so in order to get broadband, they've had to repair loads of line faults, and change a load of stuff to enable it to be ADSL compatible.  Although, I'm not a customer of BT (see below), they're the ones who own the network, so it's taken an age to get it fixed.

Sorry for anyone who's been worried that Cronosoft no longer exists (I've tried to let as many people know as possible), but it's gratifying to know that people care.


BT are the scum of the earth.  Not the people who do the repairs etc., as they seem to know what they're doing, but the  big suits running the company and making the rules.

On Friday 18th August, I phoned BT to find out if I could have the existing line reconnected.  I was told that I couldn't, as the existing line wasn't rented from them, and it would cost £125 for the installation.  They couldn't tell me who the line was rented from.  So I contact a few other companies, like Virgin Media (who were fantastic, and tried to help as much as they could, even though they didn't handle non-cable phone lines), but to no avail.

Eventually I gave up and went back to BT, and ordered an installation, on the understanding that I could contact them and cancel if I changed my mind.  The installation wouldn't take place for 2-3 weeks anyway.

In the meantime, I found another company, Toucan, (Part of PIPEX), who said they could install a line for £85, so I went with them, and decided to cancel the BT installation (easier said than done).

On the next working day (Monday), I called BT to cancel.  I was kept on hold waiting to speak to a human for 45 minutes, until I gave up.

I called again later, and used the ringback service (they didn't ring back)

I called again, and used the ringback again on a different number.  I got to speak to a man in an Indian call centre after about 30 minutes.  He couldn't understand me, and cut me off half way through the conversation.

I called again, and used the ringback again.   I was passed through to a UK advisor and was kept on hold for 2 hours and 15 minutes, at which time when I eventually got to speak to someone.

I was told that I couldn't cancel, the installation was already done, and it would cost £85 to break the 12 month contract.  I told them it was a load of bollocks, and there hadn't been an installation, it was even due for weeks yet.  I threatened them with legal action, as I'm aware that there is at least a 7 day cooling off period for new contracts.

I stopped all direct debits, and wrote to them by email, repeating the above, and mentioning the 'distance selling contract' rules, and they sent an email saying that the account had been cancelled and no futher action would be taken.   It seems that it's one rule for phone staff and one rule for email!  

Incidentally, I've called Toucan several times in the meantime, and each and every time I've got to talk to someone within 1 minute of calling.  They've kept me informed at all steps along the way with emails and phone calls back, though all hold ups now are due to BT's side (switch on at the exchange).



BT are the worst company I have ever dealt with bar none.  They are a bunch of NAZI BULLY BOYS.

Other news...of a happier variety...

Coming soon is a superb new blaster for the Amstrad CPC entitles STAR SABRE.  Here's a sneak preview screenshot..



NEWS:     August 2007

Retro North was an almighty success! Congrats to Keith, the organizer, for putting on such a great event.  Greetings to all the people who came down to talk to us, and maybe bought a game or two.  Also special thanks to Jonathan Cauldwell and Chris Snowden, star programmers, for coming down too. 


NEWS:     16th JULY 2007

Greetings!  Lots of new things to report this month. 

Coming up on the 25th August 2007, is the RETRO NORTH event, whichRetro North we're excited to be attending.  Check out the link and come down to see us!  


To commemorate the 25th birthday of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer, we are proud to announce Jonathan Cauldwell's spectacular new game QUANTUM GARDENING, which is probably one of his most original and wacky games to date.   A follow up to the great game HIGGLEDY PIGGLEDY  , this game sees the return of Eadwig Addlethorpe, the reknowned pig farmer in his other business enterprise... growing flowers.   It's like no other game you've played before...

Here's what RETRO GAMER magazine said ...

"Cauldwell is a true master of programming, a cauldron of ideas manufacturing beautifully executed games with incredible depth..."



T.M.R.'s games LUNAR BLITZ for the C16 and Vic 20 as well as WARFLAME for the Commodore 64 will also be available very soon.

Bob Smith has just completed his ace new game 'STRANDED 2.5' for the Spectrum.

This being the follow up to the popular Spectrum, Commodore and Amstrad CPC game STRANDED.  There will be 10 special limited edition versions of the game with different cover and alternative loading screens.  Keep a look out for them, as soon as they go on sale, as they'll be selling like hot cakes !  An 8 level demo version will be available in the very near future from the World of Spectrum archive.


Limited edition 'WHITE VERSION' on sale now!  ONLY 10 COPIES AVAILABLE!

The new game STRONGHOLD is now available!  Check it out.  From Russian software aces 'RED TRIANGLE' this graphical arcade adventure is sure to please!  RETRO GAMER rated the game 82% and said "Is it worth the money?  Definately .. you won't be disappointed!"

Commodore 16 and Plus/4 fans will be pleased to hear that Cronosoft will now be supporting their format too, with the release of three new titles;  CHURCH OF DEATH,   and REAXION are all available from us now!

Apologies if you've visited the website and it's been down recently... I keep exceeding the bandwidth allowed for the site, due to the number of visitors.  As soon as I can afford to pay for some proper hosting, it'll be fixed.

CASSETTE 50 Reloaded..   This will be a big Cronosoft charity release - A CD ROM brimming with crap games (and a few good ones too), for a variety of computers, as well as some interesting bits and pieces, as well as a free digital calculator watch, in true 1980's style.

If you've written a game, which can be either good, bad, ugly, rude, etc. then send it to the usual contact address.

NEWS:    26th March   2007

As you all know, IZZY WIZZY is now fully available to those with £2.99 to spare.  Also, we're proud to announce the forthcoming Speccy game STRONGHOLD by RED TRIANGLE software.  A graphical arcade adventure puzzler of a game, for 48K and 128K Spectrums, and with graphical and sound enhancements in 128K mode. 

Readers of the WORLD OF SPECTRUM forums will have heard the news that legendary programmer Jonathan 'Joffa' Smith is working on a new game for Cronosoft.  Joffa is reknowned for writing some of the greatest games in the golden era of the Spectrum, as well as some of the most technically accomplished ones.   His portfolio on the Spectrum includes such famous games as HYPER SPORTS,  COBRA,  KONG STRIKES BACK,  GREEN BERET  and  MIKIE,  produced for software giants OCEAN and IMAGINE.    He has since written many games for systems such as the Mega Drive, SNES, and GAMEBOY. 

Are you struggling with the Spectrum version of IRON SPHERE yet?  If so, then have a peek at the map on the Chips & Teats page.


NEWS:    27th January 2007

Hope you like the new look site.  It's more functional than pretty, and should do the job a lot better than the old one.

There are plenty of new goodies to look forward to.  First up, we are excited to announce the NEW Jonathan Cauldwell game, 'IZZY WIZZY', which is complete, and available on pre-order, for release in a week or so. Cronosoft artist Graham Richards is currently working on some spiffin' new artwork for the game.

We're proud to announce that the Amstrad game 'IRON SPHERE' has been converted to the Spectrum format, and damn good it looks too!  Check out the screen shots on the release page.

We are itching to tell you the news of a brand new game for ... wait for it .. the TANDY TRS-80 COLOR 32K and DRAGON 32/64 computers.  Written by 6809 expert James McKay, it's entitled 'GLOVE' and will be here very soon!

The hit game STRANDED is now available across three formats!  Yes, you can now buy the Spectrum version,  CPC version, and Commodore 64 versions!  Preferrably all three!

Also... welcome back to the Cronosoft forum!   I hope you'll all join us..





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